Travelling the East Coast from New York City down to Key West has been, for sure, the best way to visit the United States for the first time. I remember that a couple of friends and I organized this holiday around January / February 2006, while I was still a student attempting to graduate from the University; we left in August, for 15 days, and it was awesome!

Our journey took us from New York, NY to Miami, FL, setting footsteps in Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., Fayetteville, NC, Tampa, FL and Key West, FL.

Seeing New York City for the first time, after having dreamed of it for so long during my childhood, was absolutely astonishing. I can still remember the overwhelming smells of the Big City as well as the wonderful landscapes I was able to see through the Chevrolet Impala we rent.

I also remember Summer 2006 to be one of the hottest I have ever experienced, and that was good for visiting the East Coast as well as getting some good quality time exploring The Sunshine State and its beautiful places.

Something I would like to point out is the best experience we had while visiting the Gator Park Airboat Tours, in Florida; for sure one of the most wonderful experience I had in the south of the East Coast.

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