In less than a year, in 2007 I was back in New York City, this time to experience the Big Apple during the New Year Holidays. The first impression I got was about the contrast between the perceived temperature I felt in summer, just a few months before, and the incredible cold weather waiting for me in December; It was freezing cold and I still remember my mustaches becoming blocks of ice simply by setting foot outside the hotel or a shop.

A couple of friends and I decided to visit New York after I returned from my first visit to America during summer 2006; they were thrilled by my stories and their desire to see the famous Big Apple. So, without taking too much time, we contacted a travel agency to help us plan our trip, knowing that during Christmas time the cost of the operation would have been higher than usual, and in fact I remember spending almost the same amount I spent journeying almost the entire East Coast during summer, for much less days.

Nevertheless, the things I remember with joy, apart from visiting New York City for the second time, were the moments I took to sit in a cafe to drink a hot cup of chocolate, or the long walks among Manhattan streets with all the Christmas decorations around me, or the first time I ever practiced ice skating in Central Park.

It is true that I had to wait for 7 years before truly experiencing the City as a tourist, but loosing my eyes on those huge buildings and skyscrapers again, in so short time, gave me a sensation of beauty I will always carry with me in my heart.

One last note: we were in the middle of Times Square just a couple of hours before midnight between December 31, 2006 and January 1, 2007, and we had the bad idea of looking for a McDonald’s to have dinner (inexperience was on our side). So we left the designated area and when we finished eating, we were not allowed back in among the crowd, so we had to watch the festivities from a secondary street. Now it may sound disappointing, but in truth It was the best New Year day I experienced in a long time, eating a sandwich from a lesser alley while watching the balloons getting higher and higher over the most beautiful city in the world, among not tourists from every other nation, but in between New Yorkers enjoying the night.

XMas Tree
New York Nightview