In 2014 I was invited by a group of friends to join their holiday expedition to California & Nevada, and I accepted!

I voluntarily did not actively participate to the preparation of this trip, as I was a guest and they had already decided what States to visit in the US and how to conduct the holiday. I helped in those logistic operations like sending e-mails, contacting hotels, and so on, but nothing further.

This time, I traveled to California and Nevada, landing in San Francisco, then moving to Las Vegas and then back to California, to Los Angeles, this time. Between San Francisco and Las Vegas, we stopped in a town called Bishop, CA, where we stayed for one night on our way to the Gambling Capital of the World.

The first couple of days I spent in San Francisco, I toured the city visiting the Town Hall and the notorious Alcatraz Island and its prison; the most iconic symbols of San Francisco, its up & down streets and its famous tram, left a wonderful good impression on me and my friends, as it did the incredible strong wind that accompanied us during our stay there, letting us believe that we were in the middle of Autumn and not in Summer at all.

Once we acquired a mean of transportation, a very big minivan, me and the seven other friends accompanying me left the bay bound to Las Vegas. We called of the first day of car by resting in Bishop, CA, where we accidentally made a wrong turn and found ourselves in an empty area near the town center, where just a few civilian houses were maintaining a look out in the area. Lucky for us, those very kind souls pointed us in the right direction and in no time we arrived at the Days Inn where we booked our rooms. For lunch, we stopped in Groveland, CA at the Pizza Factory where I probably realized, for the first time since my arrival, that I was in America because of the cozy and terrific location.

After a good night sleep, we resumed our journey and finally got to Las Vegas, where I attended my first Star Trek convention ever! That’s right, being a big fan of Star Trek, I could not simply let me escape the opportunity of participating to an event of huge proportions such as this one, being the Las Vegas Convention one of the most important event in the United States concerning Star Trek. I remember making one single error that day, being not to take a public transport to get from my hotel to the Convention site, resulting in walking for a few miles and ruining my feet in the process. Regardless, the experience got me the opportunity to meet face to face the great Garrett Wang (aka Ensign Harry Kim) from the VOY cast.

After visiting Las Vegas, we left Nevada and got back to California, Los Angeles, this time. Of note is me accompanying a friend of mine to perform a tattoo in order to get a lasting souvenir for the years to come.

Garrett Wang photo with inscription to Mordas