When a friend of mine told me that he was going to return to Japan in 2015 after three years, I never thought I would have ended up in being his pal in what it would have become an incredible holiday around Tokyo (東京) and Osaka (大阪市).

My friend had already bought the tickets for Japan, so I was left with the responsibility to find a suitable flight and make sure that it was good enough to land in Tokyo (東京) around the same time as of my friend. Just a few days after I decided to join him, another friend convinced herself to tag along, so I included her in the plans to get to Japan and then meet with the other one already there; preparations were finally over.

Upon our arrival, we slept in Tokyo (東京) just one night, leaving for Gunma (群馬県) immediately the day after. Originally, we wanted to to go to Nikko (日光市), but because of an error in our reservation, we ended up a few miles to the west. We decided not to correct the issue, as we were convinced that it was Destiny who wanted for us a different destination; fortunately we did not, as we ended up in a magnificent Ryokan (旅館), a typical Japanese inn, in a location that I still consider one of the most fascinating place I have ever seen.

As we were on a low budget, we slept in the Ryokan (旅館) just one night, leaving for Yokohama (横浜) the next day. We wanted to visit the Ramen (ラーメン) Museum in order to try one of the most delicious dish in Japan.

The next days, we transferred to Osaka (大阪市) where we established a base camp that would have allowed us to freely move between Himeji (姫路市) and Kyoto (京都市), where we visited important temples and terrific castles.

We spent the last few days in Japan back in Tokyo (東京), leaving Osaka (大阪市), where we met with a dearest Japanese friend.

Japanese Temple
Mordas in Japanese yukata (浴衣)
Japanese Street