For my fourth time in the United States, I decided to attempt an extended visit to NYC & the Niagara Falls. Last time I went there was in 2006/2007 and it was a week-trip during Christmas Holidays. This time I equipped myself with a NY Pass and I explored all the attractions that I could not exploit during my previous visits.

However, I did not begin with the Big Apple. Instead, I traveled north to Buffalo, NY where I slept one night, just the time to spend a magnificent morning looking at the beautiful Niagara Falls from the Canadian side of the border. My friends and I took the liberty of indulging ourselves on a boat trip, then we moved forward setting our next destination to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA. Our magical 2-days excursion ended with us returning to our hotel in the Financial District in Manhattan, ready to start exploring the City like never before!

The next days were in fact terrific. I was able to visit many of the beautiful places New York City has to offer, from the Mo-MA Museum, to the Top of the Rock and, for the first time, the incredible breathtaking landscape that can be seen from atop the One World Trade Center (aka Freedom Tower).

This trip to NYC & the Niagara Falls has turned on my love for the United States, both during my stay in the City and the journey from the Canadian border to the Capitol City. Those beautiful towns along the way helped me discover an interior peace that I ignored to have.

The last thing to mention is the wonderful day I spent biking across Manhattan with my friends. Terrific! However, I’m also the protagonist of a funny moment in which I tried to trash a can of water that I just finished in what I assumed was a trash container; instead, it was filled with other full bottles and the owner scold me because I did not notice. Well, if there was a hole in the middle of Central Park, I would have probably jumped in.

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