The time had come for me to explore the United States West Territories, looking for new adventures among the Arizona deserts, the wonderful Utah lakes and roads, the big temptations in Las Vegas and, last but not least, the superb landscapes in Colorado.

My fifth vacation to the United States brought me close to one location that, up until the moment I’m writing this post, is one of the most beautiful place on Earth that I have ever seen, something that stole my heart for eternity. I’m talking about Colorado.

Admitted to the Union on August 1, 1876, Colorado is an area mainly comprised by land than water (269,837 Km2 in total). It stole my heart the moment I set foot on it, on this very trip to the West Territories. I landed in Denver, CO and departed from the same location a couple of weeks later and I can assure you that both the metro area and the surrounding country areas are simply wonderful.

This holiday to the United States was not entirely set in Colorado, however. My friend and I traveled up to Las Vegas, where we slept a few nights, to turn back to Denver, CO all the way back, at the very end of our journey. One of the most peculiar memory I have of this trip is when we arrived at the Four Corners Monument, a place where four States (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado) merges together in one point and you can actually be in almost all those four States at the same time.

The beautiful natural arches that can be found in the Monument Valley are breathtaking and when you walk among them you can be sure to feel so small and so powerful at the same time. Its infinite roads completes the spectacularly of what my friend and I have been able to see in the magnificent Arizona State.

I have a very fond memory of the day I spent visiting the Mesa Verde National Park; I remember that the Rangers made us visit an old Native American village, constructed on the side of a wall upon a valley. They described us the way of life of the people who once lived there and I was so happy I was able to book that guided trip.

Pawn Shop Selfie
Las Vegas Pawn Shop

One important footnote is me visiting the famous Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. I remember I bought a set of shot glasses for my dad, who was an assayer of the TV Show; unfortunately my dad did not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is to him that I dedicate this visit and possibly this entire holiday.

Me @ Mesa Verde
Las Vegas Dam
Mid-West USA