It’s 2017 and I’m beginning a 2-weeks journey to Japan that I can summarize with 3 words: Tokyo (東京) – Suwa (諏訪市) – Iida (飯田市).

My holiday begins with me landing in Tokyo (東京), all alone, with at least 2 trains to change (in a foreign country with a language I can’t speak) before reaching my friends waiting for me in Gotokuji (豪徳寺). Once I arrive, I greet my friends and then move to the hotel to get some rest after the 12-hours flight in economy class. Of the two friends waiting for me, one is Italian, like me, and the other one is Japanese; the latter takes us on a visit around the neighborhood where he lives, while the former accompanies me to the hotel, which is just a few blocks away.

We spend the next couple of days moving between Tokyo (東京) and Shinyokohama (新横浜), then on the morning of the 4th day, we finally move to Suwa (諏訪市), where we stay for a few days, enjoying the wonderful lake and perfect climate.

Once again, we get back to the Capitol, not before taking our time to visit Matsumoto (松本) and its castle. We meet our Japanese friend again, we spend some quality time together and then my compatriot and I decide to roam around the city with no destination, waiting for the Japanese Golden Week, a time when almost all Japanese get some holidays and can finally rest for a few days (including our friend).

Once the Golden Week catches up with us, we move to Iida (飯田市) where we meet with another friend who lives there and that’s when the magic happens. You know, I’ve always believed that this holiday would have changed my life somehow. I thought that this would have been the moment in which I would have understood something more about my life and the way it was evolving. When I found myself having a BBQ in a Country house, with my friends around a fire, listening to the music and watching the stars while eating rice and meat, I realized that somehow I found what I was looking for: the perfect moment in time. I felt like never before, and that is something I will always keep in my heart for the rest of my life.

Eventually, reality turned his gaze upon us and we had to get back to Tokyo (東京) to catch a plane that brought me back to my routine. I will always keep in my memories these wonderful 2 weeks, remembering the 3 (magic) words that I already mentioned at the beginning of this post: Tokyo (東京) – Suwa (諏訪市) – Iida (飯田市).

Me in Iida
A street in Japan
Small road in Suwa