It’s been a week now, and I’m going to enter my second (and last) one here, but the point is: I’m back in Japan!

As always, I feel this Country very deeply in my heart as it leaves a set of emotions and sensations that vibes in an utterly positive way.

This holiday is the “tourist holiday”, in contrast with my previous travels here, as I’m exploring the iconic places that every guide points out. I remember that something similar happened in New York, where it took me three visits to get the tourist holiday out of it.

Today I’ll be visiting Nara and tomorrow I’ll leave for Kanazawa. As in my previous travels here, I’m still looking for something here, something that I do not know yet. Regardless, I’m enjoying my time in this beautiful Country, among wonderful people and amazing places.

This time I’m here with another friend that never visited this Country. I’m happy to be his guide; I’m using my knowledge accumulated during my previous holidays here to help him see what I see, a Japan full of mystery and adventure! So far, it’s working just fine, he seems to be happy and I think he’s enjoying the trip.

Thank you, Japan for welcoming me as you can only do!

Mordas in Hiroshima

I’m impatient on moving on with my journey to see what Japan has in store for me during this final week here! Stay tuned for the recap article of this great journey and, as always, thank you for reading me!