Every time I look at the night sky, and whenever there are no clouds to cover the emptiness of space, I always spend what seems to be an infinite moment staring at the lovely stars above me, trying to imagine what it would look like to instantly get there and explore each one of them.

I suddenly find myself asking why I find those stars so fascinating. I always end up assuming that my love for the universe comes from TV shows like Star Trek, then I realize that I love looking at them because they give me some feelings that I cannot get from any other activity. They actually make me wonder about the unknown, countless possibilities and they make me think about the future and what it could be.

Those lovely stars are there, looking back at us, staring at what we do; they see countless people doing a lot of things. People who argue about something in the middle of the night, people who make love with each other, people who stare back at them at the same time and think about each other, always at the same time. They help us imagine something that we call “the unknown”, which so unknown I think it’s not.

The point is that the stars accompany us during our lives and, for a very brief moment of our living, when we are about to put our keys inside our home locks, they make us smile and wonder of infinite possibilities. They are true friends who remind us to cherish for every single moment in history.

I love the stars and I am grateful that I could be stopped, from time to time, for just a few seconds, enchanted by their beauty and by their magic.

Lovely Stars Feature