It’s time to go back a year ago when I was traveling the roads of the United States mid-west areas: The Road of Dreams!

USA Country road 2017

You might think the above picture to be an anonymous picture, taken on an anonymous road, somewhere in the World; the truth is that each photo has a story of its own, and this one is about me traveling alone across Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas, covering a Road of Dreams.

I like to think that the picture is about a man who loves the United States, its places and who always dream about his next holiday exploring a new area, no matter if alone. It makes me think of a young boy looking at a map of a specific area in the USA that his parents bought him as well.

I remember the excitement when I prepared this journey, alone, deciding what each step would have been on Google Maps, and finally the day I left for the airport, a little bit worried, of course, but happy to embark in this new adventure.

I will always keep this journey in my heart, and I will keep dreaming about exploring another State where there will be for sure another anonymous road waiting for me and my dreams.

If you would like to know more about the holiday I am referring to, just check my article by clicking the below button.

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