Lately, I have begun thinking about my world, the friends around me and the feelings I experience every day; I admit I am a much different person than what I used to be, yet I am not sure what really happened. I’ll try to better explain some of these random thoughts I’m having.

I believe it’s true that the more you stay in one place, the more that place changes you; the true strength is not to let it completely override your personality. Maybe it’s just part of growing up, leaving behind the past. Yet I’m not sure and probably I’ll never be. Unless you believe that what you were is less important than what you are now, I think it’s always best to keep in mind the person you once were, trying to change those things that you didn’t like about yourself and putting an emphasis on those you loved instead.

What I know for certain is that I wish to keep alive the memory of who I once was, believing that if we let the world to change us, then we lose more than what we think, and I do not wish for that. When I look into my past, I not only see the boy I was, but I see the ideals and the good thinking I had with me, those same things that made me different, better.

This post might seem a little bit strange, but I just wanted to write down some random thoughts that were crossing my mind hoping that I will be able to give them more meaning in the future when I am going to read again this post.

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