After so much time spent in a hospital, I finally have my day back into the wild; one day hiking among beautiful landscapes, completely absorbed in nature, wonderful mountain trails and compelling little towns.

My Sunday begins with a friendly meeting at 11 am and the good intention of getting on the road in order to have a packed lunch somewhere, while enjoying the beautiful day. But we all knew that in the end we would have left home at a much later time, and so it is; we leave after eating something and we begin walking around 3 pm.

Our first stage is a small settlement comprised of a few houses, probably (not to write almost surely) being the summer dwelling for some people escaping the city chaos. Once resting in the area for a very short time, we continue east in order to catch up with a smaller trail that supposedly is going to lead my friends and me back to the main road and then down to the lodge (Piana del Ponte lodge), where my friend’s sister is waiting for us.

A Settlement

I can’t say it is a difficult path, but considering the medical state in which I was no more than 3 months ago, I can assure you that it is like getting on top of Everest for me! Finally, around 6 pm we reach the lodge where we find other friends, tired after a hard work day. We decide to indulge ourselves with a beer, a piece of cake and, for a couple of my friends, even a bath in cold creek waters.

Once everyone has decided what to do next, we leave for the car, walking for 40 / 50 minutes, surrounded by the forest trees and accompanied by a beautiful setting sun. I know that for many people what I described could not be considered a day back into the wild, but regardless it has been a wonderful experience for me and my friends! We were able to relax, walk among the nature and enjoy some quality time.

I’m looking forward to my next journey, exploring another mysterious and magical forest, with my friends around me and my sword on my back.

A stream of water
A mysterious cave