There are moments in which it seems that time is passing by, without leaving a trace. It’s like it is in a hurry for reaching someplace that you do not know. It leaves you behind to think about the world around you and you can’t give yourself an answer to questions like what is your purpose or why everything is moving forward the way it is.

It’s in these moments that I believe that the entire world should slow down. It’s like at the end of a movie that you liked, it ends and it leaves a hole in your soul because the movie was so full of positive vibrations that you feel sorry for not feeling them again and again. In those moments you start imagining things, like being in the movie and eventually being someone else, someone that you are not. Yeah, like it’s a good thing. We usually tend to believe that we are not enough, that we should be more, or at least it’s what happens to me.

I am not so sure where I want to get with this post, as a matter of speaking. Sometimes I feel like I am incomplete and if I see something that I like, I start idolizing it and I begin to wonder what it would be to live it, to be like it. I have a wonderful life, a terrific family and yet at certain points in my life I am overwhelmed by the desire to be something more, to achieve something different. I’m not talking about my career, that is the least of my concerns; I’m talking about being someone good at the point that simple people would see your true self and identify in you a model to follow, someone to emulate. A sort of a hero. But heroes are born by fate, not by desire, of that I am quite sure.

I will continue to live my life the way it is and I will see what the future has in store for me and, maybe, in a couple of decades, if I am still in the process of maintaining this website, I will also be able to write about that future I’m imagining right now, just to see if it turned out as I am expecting it should.