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Thursday, April 5, 2018

If you are wondering where all my previous posts went, then wonder no more! I have decided that my website (arduinilive.com) needed a new look and so my Tumblr blog.

I erased four years of re-blogging and some (minor) posts of my own to create space for my new posts, which will be creations that I’m going to write myself, without the need for re-blogging.

The project is to centralize my social networks within my website and try to maintain a personal blog of my own; so I asked myself why I had to create from scratch an entire blog engine when I can simply study a little bit of the Tumblr API and then merge them into my personal website. So here I am!

Stay sharp and (maybe, if I can gather the time and will) you will see new posts from my side, in the future!

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