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Saturday, June 2, 2018

At last, I have completed the review of my personal website because of recent GDPR updates. Trust me, I was beginning to lose my mind.

It’s true that I have changed a few things about my personal website (no more registrations, no more Google Analytics - ouch, how am I supposed to pat me on my shoulder without being able to see the single guy from around the world that accidentally landed on my site while searching for something else). Regardless of jokes, I think I was able to find the proper balance that allows me to keep arduinilive.com up and running, without having to trouble my mind about laws and regulations for something that I couldn’t really understand.

Now, my personal website only makes use of technical cookies, that I require to log in, by the way.

So, folks, arduinilive.com is up and running again! Thank you for reading my few lines, and have a nice weekend.


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