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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Today I had the great opportunity to visit the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy, for the first time in my life, and I was thrilled!

It has been a skipped heartbeat: I was able to experience the many things the museum has to offer, from the mummies to the very hundreds of artifacts exposed and the intriguing sarcophaguses that can be found there.

I’m no historian nor archeologist, but I had a way to understand a little bit better the history of this great ancient civilization and I was fascinated by the efforts put by those people to the preservation of life even after death. They mummified almost everyone, including their pets, in the hope that everyone would achieve the immortal life after death. What took my attention was that the statues were not created as pieces of art, but instead to be the vessels of the soul once the flesh bodies would have gone for good.

A very interesting and fascinating culture indeed, though a little bit scary from time to time; this habit of mummifying everything has left its marks on me, but regardless I had the opportunity to finally spend an entire afternoon wandering around ancient Egypt history, learning something new about it.

Visiting this museum is something I advise everyone out there if you have the possibility; a great experience and some great moments spent with friends.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to the future (or the present, it depends on the point of view) in my office, leaving this visit to the past and my memory.

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