United States of America

The United States is indeed my favorite Country in the world. Within the past few years, I realized that my dream would be to visit all of the states and experience what America has to offer.

I still remember the first time I set foot in New York City, back in 2006, with all of its sounds and smells which tickled my senses all at once.

This area serves as a memento where I will try to share my experiences with you and gather all of my best moments so even I, in a few years, will be able to relive them by reading these few lines.


Japan (日本) is the other Country I love the most. My first trip in that wonderful world was in 2015 and I was lucky enough to travel with a friend who has already lived there for several months, learning customs, language and people. The first holiday was a small 7 days journey which gave me a set of feelings and experiences I will never forget; I fell in love with Japan and its people, who will always have a place in my heart.

Japan has helped me understand the love for the beauty that can be found in the technological city of Tokyo (東京) or in the countryside town of Suwa (諏訪市) and it helped me create new friendships that I value greatly despite the long distances that separate us.

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United States Trips

East Coast
Summer 2006

This is my first trip to the US, I went there with a couple of friends and we traveled from New York City, NY to Key West, FL

New York
Winter 2006/2007

My trip to NYC for the 2007 First of the Year festivities; in the same year I experienced the City during hot summer and cold winter

California & Nevada
Summer 2014

This time I was part of an incredible adventure across California with 7 other friends. We rented a VAN and we traveled from San Francisco, CA to Las Vegas, NV and then to Los Angeles, CA in an amazing journey between the wonderful Yosemite National Park landscapes and the terrifing and yet beautifulness of the Death Valley desert

NYC & Niagara Falls
Summer 2015

In 2015 I returned to New York, NY and I enjoyed the City in a way I never did. Two friends of mine and me explored Manhattan from north to south, east to west, travelling by foot and bike, between incredible days spent in Central Park and amazing exhibitions in the major museums

West Territories
Summer 2016

Why not organizing a trip by myself, visiting the far west, from Colorado to Nevada, in just 10 days? Here it is my 5th holiday to the US! Just a close friend of mine and me across the Monument Valley, the Mesa Verde National Park, the lights of Las Vegas, NV and the amazing sights of the Colorado State

Mount Rushmore & Country Holiday
Summer 2017

This has been the holiday marking all of the future ones. I traveled to the US alone, landing in my beloved Colorado and then exploring the north, up to Rapid City, SD to experience the beautiful Mount Rushmore. Then back on the road, bound to Nebraska and Kansas (finally!) to end my wonderful journey back in Colorado, among a train that took me to 14,000 ft and cowboys that helped me experience the beauty of a late afternoon immerse in nature

Japan Trips

Tokyo (東京) - Osaka (大阪市)
Spring 2015

In 2015 I visited Japan, landing in Tokyo and traveling far to Osaka, southwest. The first time of everything is always great! I had the opportunity to visit wonderful places, temples and rural areas that I could not have dreamt of if I was traveling alone without a friend who already knew the places, people, and stuff.

Tokyo (東京) - Suwa (諏訪市) - Iida (飯田市)
Spring 2017

In 2017 I went to Japan for the second time; I began the journey looking for something new, inside of me, hoping that spiritual Country would have helped me find it. I was able to make new friends and meet with old ones, creating stronger friendships. I do not know if I found what I was looking for, but for certain my heart was touched by the new wonderful places I've seen and I realize something that I already knew, which is that a Country is great because of the people who made it. I met wonderful persons during this holiday, some people I will never forget in all my life.

Tokyo (東京) - Osaka (大阪市) - Kanazawa (金沢市)
Spring 2018

The time was right to explore Japan as a tourist, and so in 2018 I travelled with a friend to Japan, spending 14 days exploring temples, typical tourist attractions and eating delicious food. The timetable has been extreme, everyday walking around and seeing things. We spent a few days in Tokyo (東京), then we moved to Osaka (大阪市) from where we were able to explore the nearby cities of Kyoto (京都市), Himeji (姫路市) and Nara (奈良市). From there, we were also able to reach the west city of Hiroshima (広島市) where we experienced a little bit of history. Then, back on the road, or better back to the railroad, to hit Kanazawa (金沢市) and its Edo-era districts.