United States of America

6 USA trips so far

The colored States are the one I visited during the years; many more are missing but I’m exploring and increasing their number each time I have a holiday!

The United States is indeed my favorite Country in the world. Within the past few years, I realized that my dream would be exploring all of the states and experience what America has to offer.

I still remember the first time I set foot in New York City, back in 2006, with all of its sounds and smells which tickled my senses all at once.

This area serves as a memento where I will try to share my experiences with you and gather all of my best moments so even I, in a few years, will be able to relive them by reading these few lines.



4 Japan trips so far

I’m keeping records of the prefectures that I have visited during the years, so I can have an idea of the area of Japan that I have being exploring.

Japan (日本) is the other Country I love the most. My first trip exploring that wonderful world was in 2015 and I was lucky enough to travel with a friend who has already lived there for several months, learning customs, language and people. The first holiday was a small 7 days journey which gave me a set of feelings and experiences I will never forget; I fell in love with Japan and its people, who will always have a place in my heart.

Japan has helped me understand the love for the beauty that can be found in the technological city of Tokyo (東京) or in the countryside town of Suwa (諏訪市) and it helped me create new friendships that I value greatly despite the long distances that separate us.