Hi everyone,
welcome to arduinilive.com, my personal window between my home and the Internet.

At first, I created this website because I wanted to lock my own personal domain; it was 2008 when I first booked it and I was pretty excited! During the first weeks of life, I remember that I had no idea on how to fill those blank pages and, that’s for sure, I would have never thought that this website would have lasted for so many years.

Today, as I already said, arduinilive.com is my home in Internet, the place where I share my ideas and my personal projects with the rest of the World. You may find custom applications I developed for my personal use that I decided to make public, or some simple posts that I wrote in specific occasions; what matter is that this website is part of my life and I couldn’t think about going on without it, even if the content is still what it is.

In short, thank you for visiting my Internet home. I hope you will find a little bit of serenity while surfing it, even for just a second, or simply just because you mistype an Internet address in the browser navigation bar.

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Explore the beauty of the US with my holidays reviews. From the never-sleeping streets of New York City, to the majestic landscapes in Colorado; there is always a new place to discover in America and its States!
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This blog is a place where emotions can be shared and in which I try to better present them to the rest of world. A Window on my Heart is an attempt to express feelings that most of the time are easily, and maybe wrongly, hidden within ourselves.
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What a wonderful Country! Read about this beautiful island in the Pacific and learn to love it as I do. The culture, the people, the places, everything in Japan is exquisite and delicate in its own way. The perfect holiday exists and Japan has proven it!
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King Mordas

King Mordas is a personal project for a website containing information about my first Dungeons and Dragons character, AD&D 25th edition actually. Mordas was born in 2001 when I first met a new friend who invited me to join an upcoming campaign that he was going to start with two other persons.

I gladly accepted the invitation and King Mordas was born! Mordas’ adventures were on until 2006, when we disbanded the fellowship, unfortunately never ending the main story, but with a lot of episodes to narrate to other people among our friends.


Avventure GDR

I believe that one important part of a role playing game session is the narrative element of a story. When you play an RPG, you are not only reprising the role of a specific character, you are also telling a story to your companions from your point of view. Now imagine if you could tell that same story to many more people.

Avventure GDR is a project to help me tell those stories to other people. I have acquired the domain and I’m planning to use it to write down the epic stories as seen from the eyes of a master or a player. Since I am an italian guy and almost all the stories are born here in Italy, I have decided to create a website for italian speaking people, where my friends and I will be able to share the adventures of our counterparts and help those persons not acquainted with RPGs to understand these kind of games and maybe embrace them in their future.

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