Hi everyone,
welcome to arduinilive.com, my personal window between my home and the Internet.

At first, I created this website because I wanted to lock my own personal domain; it was 2008 when I first booked it and I was pretty excited! During the first weeks of life, I remember that I had no idea on how to fill those blank pages and, that’s for sure, I would have never thought that this website would have lasted for so many years.

Today, as I already said, arduinilive.com is my home in Internet, the place where I share my ideas and my personal projects with the rest of the World. You may find custom applications I developed for my personal use that I decided to make public, or some simple posts that I wrote in specific occasions; what matter is that this website is part of my life and I couldn’t think about going on without it, even if the content is still what it is.

In short, thank you for visiting my Internet home. I hope you will find a little bit of serenity while surfing it, even for just a second, or simply just because you mistype an Internet address in the browser navigation bar.



A Window on my Heart

My US Holidays!

My Terrific Japanese Experiences!

The Urge of Writing

From time to time, it happens that I feel the need to write down what’s crossing my mind; that’s everything behind my Posts, nothing more. I write because I want to express something, even if I am not a blogger in any way as I have not the experience nor the skills to pretend to be one.

My Blog

Not just a Single Home Website

arduinilive.com has been the first Website I have created in 2008, but, as of today, it’s not the only one.

kingmordas.com and mordware.com are two invaluable assets to my trio of personal Websites; the former exploring the importance of my first AD&D Character, the latter being an online Resume for my professional career.