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This blog is a place where emotions can be shared and in which I try to better present them to the rest of world. A Window on my Heart is an attempt to express feelings that most of the time are easily, and maybe wrongly, hidden within ourselves.


Mordas’ Blog

Explore the beauty of the US with my holidays reviews. From the never-sleeping streets of New York City, to the majestic landscapes in Colorado; there is always a new place to discover in America and its States!

My Trips to the United States

What a wonderful Country! Read about this beautiful island in the Pacific and learn to love it as I do. The culture, the people, the places, everything in Japan is exquisite and delicate in its own way. The perfect holiday exists and Japan has proven it!

My Exploration of Japan

King Mordas is a personal project for a website containing information about my first Dungeons and Dragons character, AD&D 25th edition actually. Mordas was born in 2001 when I first met a new friend who invited me to join an upcoming campaign that he was going to start with two other persons.

I gladly accepted the invitation and King Mordas was born! Mordas’ adventures were on until 2006, when we disbanded the fellowship, unfortunately never ending the main story, but with a lot of episodes to narrate to other people among our friends.

King Mordas Feature

To an Age undreamed of!
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