Hi everyone,
welcome to, my personal window on the Internet.

I created this website at first because I wanted to lock my own personal domain; it was 2008 when I registered it and I was pretty excited in doing so. During the first weeks of life, I remember that I had no idea on how to fill those blank pages and, that's for sure, I would have never thought that this website would have lasted for so many years.

Today, is the place where I share my ideas and my personal projects with the rest of the World. You will find custom applications I developed for my personal use, and some of those apps might be made available to the public, naturally for free; this website is part of my life and I couldn't think about going on without it, even if the content is still what it is.

In short, thank you for visiting these few pages. I hope you will find a little bit of beauty while looking at them, even for just a second because you mistyped another website in the navigation bar of your browser.


Discovering and its new face


King Mordas

My first AD&D character, Mordas. Find out about him and his companions


Check my tumblr blog and find out a little bit more about me


Join me around the World discovering the wonderful places I've seen

My Resume

Learn more about my skills and my history as an Analyst Programmer

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